Fire Coach Paul Johnson

Fire Coach Paul Johnson

 Because Georgia Tech does not support mediocrity.

October 9, 2013 - We've gone live!

Well ladies and gentlemen, the site is officially up and running.  The purpose of this site is to present statistics and logical reasons as to why Coach Paul Johnson needs to be replaced at Georgia Tech.  I encourage you to submit your own input through the contact tab.  If it's intelligent, I will post it.  If it's a picture of cats wearing hats, I'll appreciate it but move on.

"Are you going to have a comment section on each post?"  Nope.  The internet is full of trolls and morons. 

I am new to this whole hosting a website thing so I apologize in advance for what is sure to be a work in progress.  I will post new items to the column on the left so check back for updates.